On the Run

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

On the Run

An account by Kyle Destroyer of Drywall

It’s been so long I lost track who knows how many years ago. No breathing room, no home, no friends. I am smuggler, thief, and hired gun Graphime and I have been living my life doing what i can to get by which also includes getting rid of Traveler’s of this Universe for just a little bit of cash here or there… I am just… tired of it all

It was one easy job find a specific traveler 86 them and go home for a long night at the bar…is what i was thinking initially. Turns out some of these guys have ships that are something I’ve never seen before. I intercepted the Traveler and a specific set of coordinates, and upon arriving…I made contact with what I thought was them over the comm channel…man was I wrong

Now I’ve had some weird things happen to me during contracts but when did travelers start piloting ships the Speak To You?!? I mean my comm channel was closed but I could feel it before i saw it. the sense of dread, loathing and pure hunger creeping into my psyche. At first I thought it was just my spine acting up like usual, but then the feeling spread like a mixture of oil and mint. Both viscous and heavy, as well as light and cold.

“Ah so this is the meal that has been sent this time. Hopefully its more filling then the last poor sob they sent our way.”

As soon as those words were spoken to me I see what looks like a Bio-organism the size of a Fighter Class Space Craft come into view from just behind the nearby Moon. Its tentacles reaching frantically and wildly from what I can assume is lack of sufficient sustenance. Just past its Many arms flailing at me as it approaches and miraculous speed I see just into what i can assume is it’s maw…inside i find a pilot…I think. Now its just a distorted person being consumed by the very ship it once controlled throughout the stars.

I needed to get out of here from whatever monstrosity this is, before I become its next meal. So I only had one choice…