Month: July 2022

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

Stories of a Legionnaire, Part I

An entry by Pilot Fonzilla Ever since I was a young Gek, I had my eyes fixed on the stars. I wasn’t raised on Eld Earth, I was raised on a planet once conquered by the First Spawn. My parents where merchants and pried themselves with their work, but after the collapse of the Spawn,…
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Mission Report: Project Goat

Mission report from a citizen

July Featured Bases

July’s Featured Bases bring us a
beautiful meadhall and a meditative monastery!


As of July 2, 2022, the Empire of Eld has over 120 documented citizen bases in the No Man’s Sky wiki, making the Empire one of the few Nexus-sized civilizations in the universe. The Empire actually has more bases than that, but each citizen may only register one base for purposes of the base census.…
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