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A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

A log from the Explorer’s diary. Part 2

I wasn’t able to find my ship again. I don’t know what to do, I’m stuck in this mount of ice. I think this log became a diary by now. Why should I keep writing this on if I’m gonna die soon?

A poem of war

From Pilot JC, a true warrior-poet of Eld: War is coming it rides on a steed At times slow when angry we speed Rivers of red no victory when dead Oh King oh War, no crown for his head No roses just thorns, the battlefield my bed A bride soaked in blood, newly bewed War…
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Good luck, and Atlas Speed

The Empire of Eld engages with the hostile Edge of Extinction in Galaxy 150.

What time is it? Beach Party Time!

The Empire of Eld’s beach party kicked off with funky music under a blazing sun and blue skies. Guests were given door prizes, cake, and ice cream.

A log from the Explorer’s diary.

It’s a glacial planet, lots of snow and low temperatures. It usually goes around -60° Celsius but when there’s storms it can get to -120°.

A Heretic’s Journey: Part 3-New History (Continued…)

“Kiyastra, Augustus, and I all started this iteration in the same place, at the same time. We knew nothing of ourselves or how we came to be.

A Heretic’s Journey: Part 2-New History

Sitting in the empty bar of Haereticus’ villa, he and Selene talk for hours. They talk of Nada, Polo and all the latest news from the crew of the Anomaly.

A Heretic’s Journey: Part 1

An Unexpected Visit In the distant reaches of the Eissentam galaxy an alarm sounds underground. ‘Alert. Unknown vessel has entered the system’

Welcome to Mariner II! Part 3

Welcome to the med-bay! You can get that cancer you contracted from the radioactive contaminants on the way up treated here!

Welcome to Mariner II! Part 2

If you pass over the hallway to the reactor room, you will find the crew quarters. They are truly state of the art compared to Mariner I.